Quality Policy


Availability of research and production base of the enterprise, highly-qualified designers and experts of the plant allow us to develop new types of products and to modernize existing ones, to start them in batch production according to market demand. Experts of the plants give consultations and furnish necessary information, make assembly, starting-up and adjustment works, provide guarantee and post-warranty support. The enterprise provides to the clients: – an individual approach; – consultations for selection of equipment; – tests of equipment in the territory of our enterprise; – a complete set of purchased equipment according to client wishes; – complete support manning; – guarantee for made equipment. According to quality policy of ALC «Plant «Molot» focused on work ingeniously with the direct consumer of production. For satisfaction of all customer’s requirements the following order making procedure has been accepted: To make an order it is necessary to send a letter-application to the address of the plant “Molot”. In the letter-application it is necessary to specify a kind of production, expected conditions of delivery, desirable term, conditions of payment, etc. The application for the conclusion will be full if it is directed together the questionnaire. All items of the questionnaire should be filled in completely. The questionnaire could be found in corresponding section of our website. In cases when the questionnaire is absent while sending the letter-application, a draft commercial proposal will be sent to your address and the questionnaire will be enclosed to it. After the confirmation of acceptance of offers and demanded documents is received, the draft contract will be sent to your address for consideration. We are ready to consider any offers concerning payment mode and complete set of delivery. Manufacturing and delivery of spare parts is made within the limits of the complete set of product delivery stipulated in specifications and technical documentation and separately under contracts of delivery for direct consumers and repair organizations.