The plant » Molot » is one of the leaders of Ukraine in the branch. The sphere of activity of a plant «Molot» includes designing, manufacture and repair of pumps and hull systems, development of decisions in the field of water supply and drainage facilities, heat supplies and energy saving technologies for mining, oil-extracting and oil refining, chemical, aviation and building branches.

The plant «Molot» moves ahead, going towards to wishes and interests of clients and new customers, uses innovative approaches, and does not forget about high quality of service and culture of manufacture. For today we remain as one of the key enterprises of the area owing to a wide spectrum of applied high technologies, an optimum parity of the price and quality of a product and to investments into the perspective scientific development.

The plant » Molot » is a national leader in the field of manufacture of centrifugal electro pump units for water (ЭЦВ ХТрГ, АНПШ), the equipment for sewer system (panshtocks), the equipment of hull systems (SDEP , VCEP , PSEP) and other city, industrial and agricultural water and heat supplies.

Experience and traditions, professionalism, demand for the made equipment have allowed us to be recognized in many countries — Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, the countries of Transcaucasia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria. Popularity of the equipment which is made by the enterprise, is caused by a number of advantages over the western manufacturers of the similar equipment:

— convenience and simplicity in operation, adjustment, regulation and repair.
— compatibility with the equipment of other manufacturers.
— An opportunity of manufacturing exclusive units on wishes of the Customer.
— rather low prices for production in comparison with production of the West-European countries.

We shall be glad to see you among our constant partners!

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