Offer to dealers

ALC «Plant «Molot» offers you to become our dealer in your region. If you are interested in this opportunity and you want to be a dealer of JSC “Molot” Plant”, go into your own business, please write us and fill in DEALER’s form! You should fill in this simple form and send it to our e-mail. We will contact you immediately and discuss all possible variants of cooperation in details. According to dealer agreement your representative shall have the following possibilities: • to be a supplier of products which are in massive demand. Your managers will not waste their time talking about rejected goods with the clients and reclamations with the suppliers – they will give all their time to sales; • punctual delivery. If we indicate the date of delivery you can be sure that you receive products that same day that we have promised you. Working with us you will have the following possibilities: • to act in your territory and  out of it on behalf of the Plant. • to advertise the products manufactured by the Plant  having samples and materials provided by the Plant. • to sell the products of the Plant  at the prices established by your own. • to coordinate with the Plant all independently developed promotional material containing its  trademark. • to organize obtaining of information from end customers concerning improvement of product parameters and  product differentiation. • to coordinate with the Plant your selling prices in order to avoid market meltdown. In case of difference in opinions concerning pricing the dealer is entitled to set his own price because he acts on his behalf, at his own expense and discretion. • to appoint a responsible person who will deal with all issues connected with performance of works under this Agreement. In its turn the Plant shall: • secure the Dealer’s right to sell the products of the Plant with the issue of the corresponding certificate. • provide the Dealer with the products according to the documents attached to this Agreement within the terms agreed by the parties. • inform the Dealer in written form about any changes in prices, parameters of manufactured goods within 5 (five) day from corresponding decision making. • participate in Dealer’s pricing having a deliberative vote to encourage profitable conditions for the products of the Plant at the market. • provide the Dealer with necessary technical and  advisory assistance, materials and samples for advertising and information work within the agreed scope. • to appoint a responsible person who can decide with the Dealer all issues connected with the fulfillment of this Agreement. Download the documents: Dealer form (.doc) Standard dealer agreement (.doc)