Submersible Pumps

Borehole centrifugal electric pump units for excited environments Tornado (ECW) 12-160 (ЭЦВ ХтрГ). насосы Tornado ЭЦВBorehole centrifugal electric pump units with the delivery from 16 up to 160 m3/h and head from 35 up to 150 m in standard version (hereafter referred to as “units”) are intended for pumping over water with general mineralization (solids content) of no more than 1500 mg/l with a hydrogen index (pH) from 6,5 up to 9,5, with the temperature up to 25°C, with a mass fraction of firm mechanical impurity of no more than 0,01 %, with the content of chlorides of no more than 350 mg/l, sulfates – no more than 500 mg/l, hydrogen sulphide – no more than 1,5 mg/l. The units working with chemically active water (version X), with raised temperature (version Тр), with high concentration of firm mechanical impurity (version G), in conditions of increased requirements for shock resistance and seismic stability (version A).

Name of handled water parameter    Indicator value Значение показателя
Version (Х) Version (Г) Version (Тр)
Mineralization (solids content), mg/l, no more than 18000 2200 1500
Hydrogen index (рН) 6,5…9,5 6,5…9,5 6,5…9,5
Temperature, ºС, not above than 25 25 100
The maximal mass concentration of firm mechanical impurity, % 0,01 0,1 0,01
Content, mg/l, no more than: 
*chlorides 14000 350 350
*sulfates 600 500 500
*hydrogen sulphide 20 1,5 1,5

Units are made for general use and for export in climatic modifications У and Т in accordance with GOST 15150. Application field: industrial and household water supply, irrigation of agricultural lands, iodine output, oil production and gas extraction on a sea shelf, etc. Key parameters in a nominal mode, efficiency and basic sizes of units should correspond to those specified in the table. Rotation speed (synchronous) of a unit shaft compounds 3000 rev/min. The values of the backup are specified for units work on water with the temperature of 25°C and barometric pressure above a free surface 0,1 MPa (760 mm Hg) It is permitted to use electric motors with other capacities in units unless repugnant to GOST 10428, with respective alteration of efficiency. Deviation of head values from those specified in the table should not exceed: ±10 % for units with the head up to 50 m; + 10 % …-6 % – for units with the head over 50 m. Schedules are intended for definition of head and water delivery values in cases if they differ from nominal ones (for information). Units are produced on rated voltage of 380V at frequency of alternating current of 50 Hz in accordance with GOST 12139. For the units operated in conditions of upstream pressure below atmospheric, the value of net positive suction head should be determined in GOST 10428, thus the unit should be immersed under a water level. Technical requirements, values of weight, capacity of electric motor, efficiency and maximum deviations of head for units made to order are established in delivery conditions. Опросный лист (DOC файл)

насос в разрезе

Насос типа (TORNADO) ЭЦВ 12-160

1. rotor wheel 7. bush
2. floating ring  8. clutch (for TORNADO (ЭЦВ) 12-160-140 clutch gear)
3. supply 9. stator blade
4. shaft 10. upper stator
5. protecting bush 11.impingement plate
6. protecting bush 12. washer

ADVANTAGES of PUMPS produced by ALC «Plant «Molot» – Rotor of the motor is copper-filled, that is increase in service life not less than in 2 times. – A new axial bearing can be installed and a unit of step-bearing has been modernized , that is increase in service life of pump units in 1,5 times and economy of electric power (about 1 kilowatt/hour) on 32-kilowatt-motor. -Each pump passes stand test. – Guarantee period.