ALC «Plant «Molot» carries out repair of a various level of complexity of submersible pumps and other mechanical equipment. For this purpose at the plant there is all necessary equipment including the certified test station, qualified personnel and repair documentation according to GOST 2.602-95. ALC «Plant «Molot» services and performs procedural works of all made equipment and gives a guarantee for all performed works: ремонт 1. Repairing or full replacement of following assemblies of submersible units: • Bearings of all types; • impeller; • shaft; • vaned taps; • pump valves; • axial bearings ; • clutches; • pipe sealings; • casings. 2. Repairing or full replacement of following units of various electric motors: • stator frame • stator winding; • active iron of stator • rotor; • heat exchanger; • clutches; • sealings. 3. Repair, rework and adjustment of shut-off valves with majors diameters: • Butterfly valves Dу 500 – 2000(steel, iron). •Control shut-off valves (steel, iron). • Check butterfly valves (steel, iron). 4. Complete repair of different hydraulic facilities (valves, goles, flashboards).