щитовой затворSince 1980 the plant ”Molot” has been manufacturing penstocks. Universal penstocks with manual and electric drive (common industrial version and dust-ignition-proof construction), stop beams (penstocks without a drive) are intended for overlapping of trays, apertures in locks, for overlapping of sediment boxes in emergencies, and also in case of repairs. They can be used in any sewer constructions (primary and secondary radial sediment bowls, pump-houses, methane-tanks and so forth), systems of water supply, drainage system and irrigation, etc. At the present time it has been mastered the output of any standard sizes of penstocks and modufication “ХТ” – which are proof to influence of excited environments (sea water, sewage-purification facilities , channels of metallurgical and chemical combines, mine waters) . Permanent work on modernization of penstocks design and application of progressive materials is being conducted at the plant.

щитовые затворыA penstock sealing construction allowing to use it in the places with reversible streams of liquids has been developed, the wedge lock has been improved for greater tightness, the scheme of installation without application of concrete and improvement has been tested. Considering wishes of designers emergency opening penstocks, bypass penstocks, penstocks with a semicircular baffle have been implemented in a batch production. Simplicity of design, installation, durability, low prices, minimal terms of manufacturing, guarantee of undisturbed operation have allowed to use successfully the penstocks of  ALC «Plant «Molot» in various constructions of Ukraine, the CIS countries and abroad.

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