Magnetic water treatment

The plant has been manufacturing magnetic water treatment devices since 1980 intended for protection of boiler equipment and heat supply network against scale and corrosion.

These installations has got the greatest popularity for the last years, it is connected with the Complex State Energy Saving Program approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 05.02.98 under No. 148. Devices of magnetic water treatment are successfully applied in systems of modular boiler-houses, networks of independent heat hot water supply.

Magnetic water treatment not only protects against scum and corrosion, but it can be successfully applied in old networks for descaling. Application of devices of water-preparation leads to decrease in power inputs by 15-30 %, although it is a system of nonchemical water treatment, that in turn leads to decrease in cost while in service heating systems.

Electromagnetic devices T-15, T-20

аппараты Т-15, Т-20

Electromagnetic devices T-15 and T-20 are intended for electromagnetic water treatment for the purpose of decrease in carbonate deposits on heat-release surfaces of heating boilers, high-speed water heaters of heating facilities and hot water supply of domestic, public and industrial buildings.

Capacity of T-15 – 2,5 m3/h, T-20 – 10m3/h, feed from a source of direct current 12V, 24Vincluded in the complete set of delivery.



Electromagnetic devices 1AMO-25

The principle of operation and the purpose are similar to devices T-15, T-20.

Feed from a source 220 V of alternating current. Capacity – 25 m3/h.



Technical specifications:

Item Capacity,
Water temp,




height length
T-15 2,5 Up to 80 30 930 230 28
T-20 10 Up to 80 50 1230 385 47
1AMO-25 25 Up to 80 80 260 410 32

Reference to installation manuals of water-softeners (PDF file)

Household water-magnetic systems

Water-magnetic systems (WMS) – (New product!) An original development of our plant designed for protection against scum for a long time (for 25 years) for household water-heating equipment: washing machines, gas boilers and columns, boilers, electric kettles, pipes of hot water supply.

For today a lot of positive responses about work of WMS have been received from assembly and design organizations as well as from direct consumers. Simple installation, small size and absence of service have brought to popularity this product in Ukraine and the CIS countries.

WMS (water-magnetic system) –just set and forget!



Model of WMS 15
Screw-thread joining to the pipeline 1/2 inch
Capacity 1,35 m3/h
Length – 10,5 cm
Maximum diameter 2,9 cm

Model of WMS 20
Screw-thread joining to the pipeline 3/4 inch
Capacity 2,25 m3/h
Length – 11,8 cm
Maximum diameter – 3,75 cm

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For the first time magnetic treatment of water has been applied in Belgium in 1945 for reduction of scale formation in steam boilers. The water-magnetic system is applied in apartments and cottages to protect pipes of hot water supply, boilers, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, boilers and electric kettles from scale formation. Moreover, the water treated by WMS deletes old scum deposits and prevents hot-spot corrosion.

Advantages of application of WMS

-service life of home appliances will be increased.
-your money will be saved. At once it becomes appreciable under coming accounts for electricity.
-after installation it will be spent less soap and detergent powder.
-small dimensions and simplicity of installation do WMS the irreplaceable satellite of household water-heating devices.
– after washing your hair will be soft and your skin will avoid irritations.
-WMS does not demand any service and does not consume electric power at all.