Industrial Cooperation

кооперация Cooperation, Possibilities and Offers ALC «Plant «Molot» offers full package of services in the sphere of industrial cooperation with the use of all available technological capabilities of the enterprise (Machining shop, Foundry manufacture): • development of design documentation according to Customer’s technical specifications (documentation is developed in COMPAS and AutoCAD programs with preliminary 3D modelling) • manufacture of stator and rotor punchings и on coordinate press from Customer’s drawings • manufacture of rubber goods and plastic products • all types of metal spinning and milling on universal and CNC machines; making of shaft holes with the length up to 100 diameters, boring of internal pipe mouths with the length up to 3 meters and diameter up to 370 mm • plasma and usual metal cutting • welding, including inert-gas welding, electric arc welding • powder spray painting • repair of electric motors with the power up to 700 kW • manufacture of any iron, bronze and aluminum castings with the weight up to 500 kg Highly-qualifies specialists, who can ensure preparation, learning and manufacture of products offered by you with the required quality, work at our enterprise.