Foundry manufacture

литейное производство

The foundry shop of the plant “Molot” has a wide experience in manufacturing of products of any complexity. Pattern equipment is produced at our own pattern site.

Now the foundry shop is being modernized by assimilation of a new lost foam casting technology.

We offer you long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation in manufacturing of pig-iron, bronze and aluminium foundry goods of the demanded size under your sketches.

Additional plant produces items of garden products and art casting.

Item. Overall dimensions.
Fire barsКолосники L-300
FiregrateКолосниковая решетка 420х210, 420х220.
400х210, 450х220,400х250.
900х220, 900х250.
manhole coversЛюки канализационные. light, heavy
Telephone manholesЛюки телефонные.
LoopholesРешетки водосливные standard
Loopholes narrow 800х200.
Artistic castingкаталог custom-made
download the catagloue