Machining shop

механический цех

Machining shop of ALC «Plant «Molot» has an opportunity to manufacture details as agreed from manufacturer ‘s material (high-quality and flat steel, forged pieces, shaped pig-iron castings) or from a material delivered by a customer, as well as to perform the following works: -turning, -milling, -boring, -slotting, -drilling, -welding. with the weight of live parts from 0.1 up to 500 kg, The plant also takes orders for manufacturing of any fabricated metals (rollers, tanks, towers, gates, advertising panels, formworks, etc.) from carbon and stainless steel from customer’s drawings and sketches. Machinery shop with the unique equipment allows making the following operations: bed-type milling, boring milling, screw-cutting processing of large-sized details. Machining on lathes of 162, 163, 164 group, vertical and horizontal milling machines with all additional operations (grinding, drilling, grooving works). The shop specializes in production and repair of borehole electric pump units and includes a machining site, an assembly site and a site of the non-standard equipment. The assembly site assembles and tests electric motors, makes stator winding and of dynamic balancing of rotors, driving wheels, as well as assembles and tests submersible electric pumps. Assembly stands, break-in stands, stands of hydro-testing certified by the Center of Standardization are also available. The site of the non-standard equipment performs welding works including inert gas welding, electric arc welding, figured plasma cutting, guillotine and shearing press cutting, sheet metal bending on powerful presses, presswork of products made of plastic and rubber, etc. Application of modern machining lathes and equipment ensures a high quality of output production. The equipment used in the shop allows working with details of complex configuration, high accuracy and surface furnish.